Caught Being Reverent Primary Stickers - IN STOCK

Our Caught Being Reverent stickers were designed specifically to support Primary leaders in trying to teach children to be reverent! Simply give a child a sticker each time you "catch" them being reverent as an incentive to reinforce good behavior! When parents an other leaders see the stickers, they can also praise the child's efforts to be reverent!

These stickers measure 2 inches square and feature a boat catching a small orange fish. Their large size and glossy print ensures they'll be noticed -- and when others notice the stickers, they'll comment, helping to reinforce your lessons on reverence.

The picture doesn't do these cute stickers justice -- they're adorable!

Each sticker costs just 10 cents each, and you can order any quantity up to 2,000.

Stake leaders love them for leadership training favors, too!

$1 Shipping

Orders up to 99 stickers will fit in a standard first class envelope and can be shipped for just $1.00 to the USA -- saving you money in shipping costs, too!

Free Shipping Offer*

For a limited time, order 100 or more Caught Being Reverent stickers -- that's a year of giving 2 stickers per week to reverent children -- and you get FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING*!

* Orders that contain more than just stickers will not fit in a first class envelope and will be charged other rates.

In Stock and ready to ship!



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